Ride the Waves Volume I

What if in as little as five minutes a day you can create a new habit that will fire you up NOW to live the life you really want?

Ride the Waves is a different type of reading experience because of the brilliant way the book is designed. Starting today, reading just one of the 366 ways to discover the fortune that lies hidden in your emotions, you will find wisdom and inspiration to guide you to what you really want in life. The book shines a light to the fact that you are responsible for your own life. It’s up to you how you want to live your life so isn’t it about time you learn to Ride the Waves?

Tracy Kasperski is a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner and in the course of sharing her lifetime of experiences through her writing and coaching individuals in her group sessions and one-on-one sessions, she has already helped many people manifest the life they have always dreamed of living by releasing what isn’t working for them any longer to discover that in the end everything really is OK.

Ride the Waves Volume II

In “Ride the Waves – Volume I,” author Tracy Kasperski sought to understand her own emotions through prose and verse. Now in her follow-up book, “Ride the Waves – Volume II: How to take control of your life one emotion at a time” (published by Balboa Press), she shows readers how to begin their own journey of emotional discovery.

“Ride the Waves – Volume II” presents readers with 366 inspirational and motivational messages – one for each day of the year. Each message encourages readers to focus on how they feel at the present moment and what is making them feel that way.

By taking control of their emotions, Kasperski says readers will be better equipped to take full control of their lives, guiding themselves towards success and happiness. Through her book, she hopes readers will learn to “ride the waves of life” in the direction of peace, love and happiness.

Just as things are darkest before the dawn, so is there a storm before the calm. If you can ride through the waves of your emotions, you too will be successful in finding your inner peace. When surfing you can only ride one wave at a time. The same goes for your emotions.”
Tracy Kasperski

Author, Ride the Waves

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