Such a beautiful little shop! The service was wonderful, friendly and warm, and there are so many amazing beads and crystals. I’m so glad I finally stopped in. I will definitely be back to the Crystal Cove!!


This place is amazing. My shopping experience was truly magical. I needed to concentrate and listen for my stone, and it sure found me. Thank you.


The moment you walk in, you can feel this amazing atmosphere! Looking around the store is a feast for the eyes and Tracy is very knowledgeable and helpful.


Amazing! Just amazing. We were in town, visiting family. I was having a really rough energy week. (Others around 24/7 that I’m not used to.) I was so lost.

The second I stepped in the door, I took a deep breath. Wow, the cleansing I felt in there. Just the feel in the shop, was wow. Tracy was very helpful. Showed me a couple of things to do if I feel that next time. And the Crystals she suggested, well, yesterday no melt downs. Friday was a big meltdown all day and night.

Will definitely be back next trip. The energies in her hug had my vibrations humming all day.

Thanks so much for saving my sanity


It was my first time being in the store and it was amazing! Everything is so beautiful and extremely well priced! It was definitely the first of many visits to come


I can’t believe I haven’t written a review yet! Tracy and Angela are extremely knowledgeable about all things! Highly recommend for all your Metaphysical needs


The owner is very knowledgeable in many areas of her experiences and is more than willing to helpful to her customers


Amazing place! first time I been in a crystal store and it was amazing. so much beautiful things there and super in love with everything I got! I adore that beautiful wolf skull that was in there. such great energy! cant wait to come back! Tracy is amazing and so helpful!


Shop Info

C rystal Cove is open 6 days a week and is conveniently located at 1010 8th Street East on the corner of Clarence and 8th Street in Saskatoon. Available parking can be found adjacent to the 8th Street Comic Book Store. Drop by today or leave a message on the contact page.



11:00 am - 6:00 pm


11:00 am - 5:00 pm





Crystals & Minerals

Tumbled Stones

Incense & Smudge


Sound Therapy